Meet the cast – Ben Schlotfelt

[Part of a series of posts introducing the cast of Living Canvas Rx, opening August 1 at the Den Theatre in Chicago]

Growing up I was never a very active person — happily sedentary and such. It wasn’t until studying theatre in college and being forced to use my body more that I began to really appreciate the emotional depths we as actors, and audience members, can enjoy when both mind and body are engaged. I often have to remind myself that the mind is part of the body. I suppose that’s what has captivated me about this piece; it’s emotional and physically thought-provoking. You may feel things watching it and you may not be able to explain or articulate why, and that is lovely and all too rare these days.

If my naked body bugs you but you still like my face, come see The Most Ado: A party play remounted at Theatre Wit Aug 15-24 or wait until October 9-November 9th to see me in Frozen on the Square, 1982 at the Den Theatre.

[Tickets and details available at Brown Paper Tickets]

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