Meet the cast – Cassandra Hannan

If you told me three years ago that I would end up performing nude using viewpoints to create a movement piece based on drug addiction, I would have died laughing. And here I am creating raw art, that not only excites me but reminds me why I even got involved with theatre to begin with. Working with The Living Canvas has shown me the power a group of people can have to tell a story. By using our whole bodies, we are “exposing” all experiences related to drugs. The concentration on ensemble work, drew me to audition for this company. By trusting and collaborating together we have the ability to create stunning and thought provoking art. By being nude, we have the means to take the audience to various levels by being actual living and breathing canvases. Using your body can be a powerful tool to create art. Currently I am also a member of Gorilla Tango Theatre, that produces parody plays that incorporate burlesque. Within this company we also use the raw body as a means to communicate art. When not performing with Living Canvas Rx, you can find me Friday nights at 10:30pm performing on Milwaukee and Western in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Boobs!

[This is part of a series of posts introducing the cast of Living Canvas Rx, opening August 1 at the Den Theatre in Chicago. Tickets and details.]

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