Improbable Anecdotes --

Surprisingly true nuggets from the life and adventures of Pete Guither

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Pete Guither is a retired assistant dean of the College of Fine Arts at Illinois State University. He taught arts management, theatre photography, computer graphic design, and entrepreneurship. Pete is the founding artistic director of The Living Canvas's performance art company. He has worked in business, government, and non-profits, on Broadway, as a Fuller Brush salesman, a factory worker, a gas station mechanic, and a traveling lounge musician. Pete is a theatre and fine art photographer, a piano player, a drug policy expert, a film festival judge, a musical director, a foodie, an activist, a traveler, and a host of New York theatre tours. He has a Master of Fine Arts in performing arts management from Brooklyn College and a degree in theatre from Cornell College. And he loves to tell stories.

This is a book of his stories.

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"A life well lived and stories well told.
I should know... I'm in a few of them."
--Roger Reitzel

"Pete encouraged the most risk, creativity, and fun from me during a pivotal moment in my growth as an artist. It was wonderful to read about his life and all the people who encouraged risk, creativity and fun from him." --Keith Habersberger

"The Redbeard fan base has been itching for an origin story. This one absolutely demolishes what we thought was canon!" --L. Adams

"A fast read... unless you're a slow reader." --Rogina

"Where's that damned piano player?" --Henny Youngman