Improbable Anecdotes

Surprisingly true nuggets from the life and adventures of Pete Guither

Estimated paperback publishing in June, 2022

I like to tell stories.

When I taught theatre management at Illinois State University, I believed part of the value I brought was sharing my experiences (good and bad) in the field. Students learned they could liven up a lecture by asking a question or two and sidetracking me into horror stories about commercial theatre production or non-profit management.

My love of storytelling led me to participate as a book in a Human Library project, and I have been a featured storyteller at McLean County Arts Center’s Story Slam. But some of the best experiences were sitting around the living room with friends, cheese, and scotch. Because I had the privilege of a range of offbeat and entertaining experiences in life, I’d tell stories.

“You should write a book!” they would say. So here we are.

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