Caterpillar and Tree, from Living Canvas: Nocturne
Caterpillar and Tree, from Living Canvas: Nocturne
  • Spring, 2001: Living and Breathing Canvas. The Studio Theatre at Illinois State University in Normal, IL
  • Summer, 2001: The Living Canvas. Strawdog Theatre, Chicago
  • Summer, 2002: The Living Canvas: An Odyssey. Actor’s Studio Theatre, Chicago
  • Summer, 2004: Ascent of the Living Canvas. Boxer Rebellion Theatre
  • Summer, 2005: The Living Canvas 2005. Victory Gardens Theatre
  • Summer, 2008: Unsex Me Here – A Living Canvas Production. National Pastime Theater
  • Summer, 2009: The Living Canvas: Nocturne. National Pastime Theater
  • Summer, 2010: The Living Canvas: Demons. National Pastime Theater
  • Summer, 2011: The Living Canvas: Rain. National Pastime Theater
  • Summer, 2012: The Living Canvas: Eureka, National Pastime Theater, Chicago and Downstairs Cabaret Theatre, Rochester, NY.
  • Summer, 2013: The Living Canvas: For the People, National Pastime Theater, Chicago.
  • August, 2013 (and other years): Abbie Hoffman Died For Our Skins, Abbie Hoffman Theatre Festival, Chicago
  • Summer, 2014: The Living Canvas: Rx, The Den Theatre, Chicago
  • Spring, 2016: Very Much Alive, Center for Visual Arts, Illinois State University, Normal
  • Spring, 2016: Cathedrals, Stage 773, Chicago
  • November, 2016: [Trans]formation, in collaboration with Nothing Without a Company, The Vault at Collaboraction Studios in the Flat Iron Arts Building, Chicago

There have also been a number of shorter productions (Living Canvas Demo et al) performed at Illinois State University as part of Theatre of Ted and various performance art festivals.

Celebrating the beauty and expressive power of the human form