Recent press for [Trans]formation

[Trans]formation Review – Beauty, Bravery, and the Naked Truth by Jessie Bond in Chicago Splash Magazine

There is strength and bravery permeating every aspect of [Trans]formation. There is bravery in exposing one’s naked body onstage. There is bravery in proudly owning one’s identity in a world that would quash it. There is bravery in amplifying the voices of trans, genderqueer, nonbinary, and intersex people in a time where such amplification is needed more than ever. Go see this play. See these brave people tell their stories. Exist, for a few hours, in a world where everyone’s gender is not just respected, but celebrated. Witness a stage where there is vulnerability and safety together. In times like these, shows like [Trans]formation matter, and Nothing without a Company and Living Canvas have produced a piece of theatre that is desperately and urgently needed.

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