Chapter 1: Dissertation on Metamorphic Navigation


by Kai B

“Things change”
People say
Like they approve
But do they really?
It’s hard to know
If they mean it
When it’s certain things

So change the topic
To something different
Test the waters
To see how understanding they are
Because while they say
They’re “fine with change”
When we change
That’s a different story

Imagine a world
Where people hated caterpillars
For turning into butterflies
Now, imagine those caterpillars as people
Being despised for changing
Into the beautiful butterfly
That they deserve to be

It’s not that hard really
It’s a real problem
Losing so many of our butterflies
Who just want to be themselves
A society in which norms rule
And outliers drool

We are not computers
We don’t need binaries
Free the butterflies
Trapped in our souls
Instead of killing us off while we’re still caterpillars

This is for my brothers and sisters
Who will forever remain caterpillars
You spread your wings in our hearts

This is for my brothers and sisters
Who aren’t afraid to be themselves
In this twisted world of
“You must be this”
Designated at birth

This is for my brothers and sisters
Who cannot come out of their cocoons
I think you’re beautiful
And that you can be a butterfly
If you really want to be
This is for my brothers and sisters
Who boldly became butterflies
Only to have their wings clipped off
By the cruelty of others

This is for my siblings
Who cannot decide

Between butterfly and caterpillar
You can be both
Original and recreated
This is for everyone
Who knows the difference
Between a butterfly and a caterpillar
And adjusts accordingly

But most importantly
This is for everyone
Who either can’t tell
Or won’t tell the difference
For all of you people,
I have a message:
Shove off

Because you can’t force a caterpillar
To restrain from being a butterfly
Or call a butterfly a caterpillar
Because, much like butterflies
We exist
We are natural
We are beautiful
And most importantly,
We love who we become.


by Ronen Kohn

There’s a place called the sunrise
I have made it my hideaway
so I will always, as I travel
know that I’m returning home to stay

I made a life of wax and wire
for to fly the great unknown
I am ready to breathe my last breath
and skip like a stone
skip like a stone

I have gathered my belongings
and I have said all my goodbyes
if the gods are willing, friends, we’ll meet on the other side
and together we’ll take to the skies

This is my choice, this is my answer
and this is my first great adventure
I will fall just like a dancer
with the wind in my hair
with the wind in my hair

Now I don’t know if I am worthy
but I know I have honored my pledge
to fall down is no foolishness
no more than to dance on the edge

I am prepared, I am willing
and my journey is just beginning
one more fall and I am ready
to skip like a stone
skip like a stone

Now I’ve reached the peak of my travels
I’m looking down on everything
silver water is shining below me
I wink at the sun and let go my wings

Once again my sight darkens
and the air feels a little bit colder
then I look a Death, and I see Life
winking at me over Her shoulder

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By Kelly George

She likes to say the doctor was too busy flirting with the nurses to notice that she was dying. She felt herself leaving her body, saw herself from above, and was scared. For me.

For her. And then, the doctor who had done her prenatal care walked by and saw what was happening, and swooped in, taking charge and saving my mom’s life – and mine. My mom says when I was born they didn’t say “It’s a girl!” or “It’s a boy!” They said “It has red hair!” and my mom was so pleased and couldn’t hardly believe it.

A Trans Story
By Eddie Kusar

Accepting I was gay, at 15, had been very traumatic, but I did it.
I came out, I learned the language, the players and politics.
I told my friends and family, I didn’t hide, or lie about who I was.
I dealt every day, with the fear of rejection, or of someone taking offense at my very existence.


I suppose, I’m better prepared this time…
I’m not a teenager, major bonus.
Since I’ve been in the “queer” world, for 20 years, my allies, abound.
The Internet exists, so there’s no reason to feel isolated or alone.
It’s just….I didn’t want this.
But, it’s not a choice.

I mean, the choice would be to ignore the knowledge I’ve gained and pretend I’m still….Becky…(side note: felt really weird/uncomfortable to write that name).

I could keep calling myself a lesbian, that WOULD be the easy choice, right?
But it’s not…
Because I can’t lie to myself. Once the acknowledgment occurred, once I even considered the idea, it quickly became apparent, that this IS what I am. And to deny it, would mean denying knowing myself. It would mean not finding out what kind of a man I can be.

Chapter 2

Celebrating the beauty and expressive power of the human form